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Hello! Celebrating almost 4 years at Supercell, in tandem with the global launch of our game, "Squad Busters" which I've been working on since inception as a principle game artist. I've had the pleasure to develop the visual code of the game, led by Sergio Castaño. Squad's character-centric & 2D richness is a joy to design for: Characters, Portraits, Stickers/Emotes, Icons/UI, VFX, BG/Props, Splash Illustrations, Style Guide & the App Icon... During the launch event, we (Hyun and I) drew portraits of attendees in the Squad Busters art style - which was a blast! Hyun represents the other half of our duo team as principle artists, and he is responsible for the beautiful Key Art at launch (go Hyun!!!).

Chris Palamara, Game Artist on Squad Busters
Squad Busters Beta Splash
Splash Art I did during Closed Beta (2023)

I recently had the immense pleasure to speak at Astana to share my experiences and insights as a Character Designer in Animation. I met heaps of smiles and enthusiastic young artists - I'm thrilled to be able to inspire you all as much as you inspired me! Thanks Astana! Special thanks to Maria Kosareva, Lumieres and Kipd Animation for inviting me!

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